Laser Decap

Function & Features

  • Automatic laser decapsulation system 
  • All types of semiconductor package can be removed 
  • Any material(Au, Cu, Al) of wire part and 2nd bonding area   can be opened  
  • Effective decapsulation solution for Cu wire chip : Minimize   the damage on Cu wire by chemical etching after laser   operation
  • A few hundred microns of EMC on die surface can be   opened with chemical etching(by manual or MIS Wet Etch :   Minimal acid use) 
  • Easy, simple, fast and safe operation
    • Vision camera provides real time image 
    • User can set the decap area by mouse drag / numerical value input 
    • User can see laser decapsulation process & result on monitor screen 
    • Superimposing X-ray image on real-time sample picture is available 
    • Auto door lock : System door is not opened during laser operation 
    • Automatic Z axis adjustment by PC program  
  • User can observe the operation process through the window(protected from laser radiation) 
  • Repetitions made simple using recipe files 
  • Fume & Dust can be exhausted (Option: Fume & Dust collector)