MK.2TE ESD and Latch-up Test System

The Thermo Scientific™ MK.2TE ESD and Latch-up Test System provides users with advanced capabilities to test high pin count devices to today’s Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM) ESD standards. The system’s pulse delivery design ensures waveform hazards in the standards, such as the trailing pulse and the pre-discharge voltage rise, are addressed. Trailing pulses have been shown to cause non-ESD related failures by exposing the DUT to an electrical overstress after the main HBM event. Predischarge voltage can cause voltage-triggered protection structures to fail, as the pin under test may not be at zero volts when the HBM event occurs. A user-selectable 10K Shunt can be connected during the pulse to eliminate any voltage prior to the actual HBM event. The MK.2 combination test system also performs Latch-Up testing per the JEDEC EIA/JESD 78 Method. Its enhanced data set features provide the flexibility to meet the testing needs of today’s system-on-chip designs.