Thermal Shock

Test Cabinets for Temperature Shock Tests, ShockEvent
Environmental conditions have a great effect on the functionality and reliability of electronic components, devices, and systems. In order to discover latent weaknesses in the shortest possible time, a typical temperature test is often insufficient; test specimens must be subjected to multiple, abrupt temperature changes. With our temperature shock test cabinet, extremely rapid temperature changes in the range from -80 °C to +220 °C can be implemented. This allows you to reduce the incidence of early failures and increase the reliability of your products. Reproducible, certified, and in time lapse.  

Our highlights:

  • New, eco-friendly refrigerant R449A
  • WEb-based user interface WEBSeason® 

Our Environmental Simulation Chambers and Systems are available under the brand names weisstechnik® and vötschtechnik®.

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