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26 Aug 2015
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Sample Preparation

Extec Single Wheel Polisher Dual Wheel Polisher Auto Polisher Low Speed Saw Consumable Supplies Gatan Model 681 PIPS High Resolution Ion Beam Coater Model 682 PECS™ Precision Etching Coating System

Single Wheel Polisher Back To Top

Single Wheel Polisher

8 inch / 250mm / 12 inch Interchangeable Aluminum Platens
A versatile compact, convertible design grinding/polishing machine can be configured, as required, with an 8 inch. (203mm), 250mm or 12 inch (305mm) diameter grinding or polishing platen. To change the configuration, simply remove the insert and lift the platen from the retaining pegs located on the platen base and replace with the new platen size and insert.

The platen base of the Labpol 8-12 has a 0.4HP (0.3KW) motor and controller operating at variable speed between 50-500 rpm.


Dual Wheel Polisher Back To Top

Dual Wheel Polisher

8 inch (203 mm) Aluminum Platens
A twin disc polishing machine with a low profile front deck includes two 8 inch (203mm) Extec aluminum platens and two platen guards. The machine operates at variable speeds between 50-500rpm with the set speed on a front display panel.

A water lubrication inlet and outlet are located on the rear panel. A control tap and flexible hose is located beside each platen so that water can be directed to any part of the platens during pregrinding.


Auto Polisher Back To Top

Auto Polisher

Extec is pleased to announce the addition of the Labpol 12-3DI Automatic Polisher/Grinder with an integrated three unit electronic dispenser. This unit comes with one set of (6) adapters. The unit can be run with only one sample or as many as six and does not require leveling/loading fixture. Optional: Magnetic Stirrer

The Labpol 12-3DI Auto Polisher/Grinder is an advanced design of Automatic Polisher/Grinder in which polishing or grinding protocols can be created as a program by entering the required parameters on a keypad and then stored for future use.


Low Speed Saw Back To Top

Low Speed Saw

The EXTEC ® Labcut 150 Variable Speed Precision Diamond Saw is an attractive, modern styled laboratory instrument designed for precision cutting of a wide variety of materials. Samples can be cut with minimal damage and deformation. The universal design and variable speed aid the precision cutting of fragile and soft materials. Variable wheel rotation speeds range from 0 to 1000 rpm. A variety of sample holders add to the 150’s versatility. This includes the Rapidcut Precision Attachment which reduces cutting time and results in a high quality surface finish.

The Labcut 150 is ruggedly constructed from a cast-aluminum frame with stainless steel components providing stability and corrosion resistance in a molded water resistant cabinet. The EZ-DRO™ Easy Keypad operates the powerful belt driven AC 1/4 HP motor with inverter. The sample arm is pivoted and can be counterbalanced to provide low loading conditions on the specimen. It features 25mm micrometer movement that allows positioning of the sample with respect to the wheel.


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Consumable Supplies  Consumable Supplies
Consumable Supplies  Consumable Supplies


Model 681 PIPS High Resolution Ion Beam Coater Back To Top

Model 681 PIPS High Resolution Ion Beam Coater

A unique ion beam based sputter coating system producing continuous, ultra thin, amorphous coatings free of thermal artifacts making them ideal for FESEM and TEM applications. This is an important advantage over traditional coating techniques such as thermal evaporation, magnetron or RF sputtering that produces coarse deposition structures.

The Gatan ion beam coater offers convenience, efficiency and dependability in a compact, bench-top instrument. It produces ultra-fine grained/amorphous and artifact free coatings for the more demanding high-resolution field-emission microscopes. Specimens are coated quickly with negligible specimen heating.


Model 682 PECS™ Precision Etching Coating System Back To Top

682 PECS™ Precision Etching Coating System

The ideal instrument for any application requiring slope cutting, sample etching and/or high-resolution sputter coating. The PECS™ is a unique ion beam based etching and sputter coating system producing exceptionally large, clean, viewable areas of specimens for Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and Light Microscope (LM) applications. The unique design features incorporated into the PECS™ make it very versatile.


  • Alternative or supplement to wet chemical etching
  • Controlled repeatable results (Ion gun voltage, ion beam current and etching time)
  • Etching and coating in the same vacuum chamber reduces sample handling
  • Sample coating immediately after etching eliminates sample contamination
  • Includes a Film Thickness Monitor for accurate control of film thickness
  • High sample throughput, patented Whisperlok™ for fast and simple specimen exchange
  • Whisperlok™ features both sample rotation and rocking to ensure uniform etching and coating
  • Reactive Ion Beam Etching (RIBE System)
  • No wet chemical handling or disposal hazards