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26 Aug 2015
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Fintexs Technologies Sdn Bhd
Mr. Ricky Lim
Ms. Chew
Tel : 04 - 656 6648


ESD Characterization Tester

Thermo Scientific MK4 Thermo Scientific MK2 Thermo Scientific MK1 Thermo Scientific Celestron TLP system Thermo Scientific Pegasus Thermo Scientific Orion CDM

Thermo Scientific MK4 Back To Top

Thermo Scientific MK4The Thermo Scientific MK4 ESD & latch up test system is a complete, robust and feature filled turn key instrumentation test package, which performs automatic and manual HBM,MM, and latch up tests on devices up to 2034 pins.

It features the highest speed of test execution, lowest zap interval, and extensive parallelism that enables concurrent zap and curve trace test capability to global and company-driven quality standards.


  • Combined ESD and Latch-up system.
  • Pin count offerings are: 1152, 1728 and 2304.
  • 8 Matrix channels, high speed 'matrix matched' supplies.
    • 100VA V/I power supply.
    • HV requirement specified to 200V
    • High Current to 25A.
  • High Speed E/M matrix based on 96 channel matrix design.
  • New physical architecture. Principle well proven.
  • Enhanced parallelism, Zap and Trace. Estimated 5x throughput improvement.
  • Meets all industry specifications (JEDEC, ESDA, AEC, Mil Std.)
  • Productivity tools include Crystal Report compatible file format (xml).
  • Remote failure diagnosis tools in spec

Thermo Scientific MK2 Back To Top

Thermo Scientific MK2The Thermo Scientific MK2 is a relay-based, exceptionally fast ESD & latch up test system for the evaluation of advanced IC devices. It fully addresses today’s JEDEC/ESDA standards, and can be configured to 128, 256, 384 or 768 pin test capabilities.


  • Combined ESD and Latch-up system.
  • Performs HBM 50V to 8KV in 10V steps – 8 pulse sources
  • Performs MM 50V to 2KV in 10V steps – 1 pulse source per wedge board
  • Pin count offerings are: 128, 256, 384, 512 or 768
  • Multi-socketed testing up to 8 devices
  • Meets all industry specifications (JEDEC, ESDA, AEC, Mil Std.)
  • Optional pin drivers for dynamic LU testing
  • Power Supply Sequencing LU Software
    • 2 V/Is (30V, 5A <>100V, 1A), up to 4 additional supplies available
  • Optional supply configurations available!
  • 64K vectors with read back, per pin
  • 10MHz internal clock and vector rate
  • Import any vector format
  • Ease of test plan generation
  • Automated JEDEC 78A stressing
  • Flexible data export formats
  • Networkable

Thermo Scientific MK1 Back To Top

Thermo Scientific MK1The Thermo Scientific MK.1 is a relaybased, exceptionally fast ESD and Static Latch-Up test system for theevaluation of advanced IC devices.It fully addresses today’s JEDEC/ESDA standards, and can be configured to 64,128, 192 or 256-pin test capabilities.


  • Waveform network: 8-site HBM pulse source
  • Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM) testing to most prevalent industry standards
  • Static Latch-Up testing per current JEDEC’s EIA/JESD 78 Method
  • Highly repeatable, reproducible test data
  • Enhanced data set features
  • High voltage power supply chassis
  • Power supply sequencing
  • Event trigger output
  • Intuitive set-up and operation
  • Direct use of existing 256-pin-style ZapMaster fixtures

Thermo Scientific Celestron TLP system Back To Top

Thermo Scientific Celestron TLP systemThe Celestron is a two terminal bench top system for fast, accurate, reliable and affordable characterization of advanced semiconductor structures. The standard features and available options make the Celestron the most flexible tool for characterization of semiconductor structures available. The system can be configured for TLP, VF-TLP, HBM ESD and MM ESD for testing at the wafer level and /or the package level. Optional probes can also be used to measure signals on pins or pads other than the ones being stressed.


  • Wafer and Package testing
  • Bench top TLP system
  • Pulsed I-V Curve generation
  • DC Curve Tracing
  • Protection Structure Studies
  • Design Engineering Flexibility
  • Various optional modes available (TDR is standard)
  • Optional VF-TLP
  • Optional HBM and MM ESD testing