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Fintexs Technologies Sdn Bhd
Mr. Ricky Lim
Ms. Chew
Tel : 04 - 656 6648


EMC Immunity Testers

Thermo Scientific ESD Minizap Thermo Scientific EMCPro Plus Thermo Scientific ECAT for pulsed EMI Immunity Thermo Scientific ECAT Lightning Test System

Thermo Scientific ESD Minizap Back To Top

Thermo Scientific ESD MinizapThe Thermo Scientific Minizap, the industry standard handheld battery operated 15KV ESD simulators, meets IEC 61000-4-2 and other ESD standards.


  • Intuitive operation
  • Portable and self contained
  • Meets exact requirements of IEC61000-4-2
  • Contact mode and air discharge ESD testing
  • Generates real world, repeatable and co relatable ESD pulse
  • Vertical and Horizontal coupling planes for indirect ESD testing
  • Build in safety features
  • Field configurable
  • Rechargeable battery or AC powered

System specifications:-

  • Contact Mode +/-0.5 to +/-8kv, IEC omni-tip assembly
  • Air discharge +/-0.5 to +/-15kv, IEC Ball tip
  • RC network 150pF/330ohm
  • Single shot and repetitive at 1/s and 20/s
  • 10V resolutions for digital display, 3% accuracy
  • Interlock safety, lock on mode
  • Ground connect warning, LED indicators
  • 10in X 2.5in x 3.2in
  • Weight 822 grams

Thermo Scientific EMCPro Plus Back To Top

Thermo Scientific EMCPro PlusThe newly configured EMCPro Plus test system features resident capabilities for EMC CE Mark compliance testing to 6 IEC/EN standards, and fully addresses new requirements for 100khz burst rate per IEC-61000-4-11, Edition 2 (EFT) and 80% dip per IEC 61000-4-11, Edition 2 (PQF).


  • Portable and mid-range EMC test system
  • Operated on Windows based PC software or from the panel
  • Easily configured to meet immunity standards required for CE marking and compliance requirements
  • Capable for compliance testing to 7 IEC/EN standards
  • Addresses ANSI/IEEE, ITU, ETSI and UL standards
  • Surge Test to 6kv with combination, Telecom & Ring Waves
  • Monitor surge voltage and current at output terminals
  • Highest Test Levels, widest selection of tests and lowest in-use cost
  • Upgradeable as standards change by a simple adding appropriate options or accessories

Thermo Scientific ECAT Back To Top

Thermo Scientific ECATThe Thermo Scientific ECAT is a modular, full capability EMC test system for measuring and analyzing the vulnerability of telecom, electronic, and electrical equipment/components to pulsed EMI hazards, including EFT, Surge & PQF (Power quality failure). Its powerful design enables easy and rapid testing for all pulsed EMI threats and meets Telcordia, UL, FCC, and IEC standards, including pre-compliance, production sampling and final compliance.


  • Test for pulsed EMI hazards: EFT, surge, PQF
  • Ideal Test system to address most applicable EMC & Telecom Standards, including CE Mark/IEC standards
  • Easy to use Windows-based application software for quick implementation of international & national standard test routines
  • Virtual Front Panel retains key operating parameters during set-up & testing
  • Multilevel system interlock architecture provides maximum safety
  • Single output port/instant mode switching
  • AC mains current monitoring
  • Accurate automatic report generation
  • Flexible, economically upgradeable architecture

Thermo Scientific ECAT (Lighting Test System) Back To Top

Thermo Scientific ECAT (Lighting Test System)The Thermo Scientific ECAT Lighting Test System (LTS) is a modular test platform, which tests to the lightning simulator requirements of RTCA DO-160 section 22 E/F. The system is expandable to meet Boieng, Airbus, EUROCAE, SAE and other standards.

System Description:-

The ECAT LTS is configured as 3 basic test systems, each of which is available as a Level 3, Level 4, or Level 5 tester. All test systems feature both single-stroke and multiple stroke test capability.

Each system configuration provides test capabilities to Level 3 for pin injection, cable bundle, and single and multiple stroke testing. Each is expandable up to Level 5 for all waveforms, including waveforms 3H and 6H for multi burst testing, both of which can be added to any system configuration. All systems are upgradeable to higher levels at any time. Test systems for composite aircraft, which include waveform 5B are also available.

All basic test systems include the LTS power unit, which requires a 190-230 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 3 phase 5 wire Wye 30A circuit.