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26 Aug 2015
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Fintexs Technologies Sdn Bhd
Mr. Ricky Lim
Ms. Chew
Tel : 04 - 656 6648


Decapsulation Equipment

MIS auto decapper MIS Wet Etch MIS Mill Etch

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MIS Auto DecapperMIS Auto Decaper executes Milling, Etching. Heating, Cleaning,, Drying, Ultrasonic clearing and Inspection processes.

At first, the samples shall be fixed on the jig. Using auto process GUI, the milling process is followed to form a well on the surface of the sample.Then, after dropping very small amount of chemical, it immediately starts heating process through Heating System in order to accelerate the chemical reaction. After that user can apply acetone cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning optionally. In mid course, if the user want to see etched result, user can move the jig to the CCD camera. user can see the real image even enlarged, and save or print the image freely.

MIS Auto Decaper makes the whole automatic processes completely, so even inexperienced person can easily use it. Various decapsulation methods can be saved as a recipe file for desired processing, and this make repetitive works very easy and convenient.

Decapped Samples by MIS Auto Decapper 

Examples Cu Wire Image
Examples Cu Wire Image 


MIS Wet Etch Back To Top

MIS Wet Etch Features:-

  • Easy control by way of micron controller
  • Operator is able to inspection all the process at every time with the unaided eye
  • Repeat repealability embodiment that use recipe file
  • Safety ( noaxious gas compulsory exclusion, protective equipment unnecessary)

MIS Mill Etch Back To Top

MIS Mill Etch Features:-

  • Fast, Precise, Safe Milling Work
  • Easy installation and removal of testing material on the Jig
  • The samples of various sizes and shapes can be fixed using Jig auxiliary tools
  • Using mouse, precise milling area at the free location is designated in the graphic user interface
  • Fast and precise milling result by robot motion (Aver. Milling Time < 1 min.)
  • Minimum error range of robot motion for X, Y, Z axis : 0.01mm(10㎛)
  • Handling IC size: 2 x 2 mm ~ 50 x 50mm
  • Auto height sensing for the package surface
  • Various End-mill diameter :Φ0.5, Φ1.0, Φ2.0, Φ3.0 mm
  • Prompt debris suction using vacuum air force during milling process
  • Efficient for removal of metal surface
  • Reducing EMC thickness by milling process, the duration of chemical etching process becomes very short
  • Milling process makes a vertical well guiding a precise chemical etching area
  • Vivid high density Vision image, BMP file saving
  • Efficient for removal of PCB or EMC attached in the backside of die
  • Reproducible milling work using recipe automatically generated