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26 Aug 2015
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Carl Zeiss Microscopy Imaging

High Power Scope – Axio scope Stereo Scope – Stemi 2000 Stereo Scope – DV 4 CSM – Confocal Scanning Microscope

High Power Scope – Axio scope Back To Top

High Power Scope – Axio scopeHigh Power Scope – Axio scope

Outstanding in transmission, homogeneity and correction – the entire optical system of Axio Scope has been tailored to the requirements of material analysis.

The improved image contrast and color fidelity as well as clear increases in quality and performance are now available in the routine class.


Stereo Scope – Stemi 2000 Back To Top

Stereo Scope – Stemi 2000Stereo Scope – Stemi 2000

Stemi 2000 stereomicroscopes provide brilliant, sharp, distortion-free and highly resolved images – even at the important low magnifications.


Stereo Scope – DV 4 Back To Top

Stereo Scope – DV 4Stereo Scope – DV 4

The patented zoom system of the Stemi DV4 (Double Lens Vario, zoom factor 4) delivers images that are needle-sharp and, thanks to rigorous stray-light minimization, brilliant and rich in contrast. Across the entire magnification range, from 8x to 32x and across the whole field of view.


CSM – Confocal Scanning Microscope Back To Top

CSM – Confocal Scanning Microscope

By combining the best features of optical microscopes with the analysis functions of a profilometer, we have created a new type of microscope which combines the advantages of both measuring devices.

Axio CSM 700 confocal microscope from Carl Zeiss is a compact system for performing quick, non-contact and precise surface analysis in true color. It can be used in a wide range of areas in industry, research, criminology, the medical sector and the food industry as well as in new technologies.

Axio CSM 700 is a high-quality microscope that incorporates powerful software, ensures maximum user comfort and increases productivity, making it a sound investment for the future

CSM – Confocal Scanning Microscope3D Topography in True Color Fast.Precise. Non-Contact.